John Agacki


Growing up in the country visiting a friend was a two hour walk down dirt roads and an old rail line. Sometimes cars would stop and ask for a tune. That was the beginning of his public performing. 

His first success came when a trio formed with his sister and cousin tied for 1st place in a national Country Western songwriting contest with an original song,  “Railman.” After disbanding he went on to win a Prairie Home Companion talent contest with “Dancing My Life with You.” That win opened the door to writing for Garrison Keillor’s St. Patrick’s Day show in New York, his Thanksgiving show at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul and Garrison’s Halloween show at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. He has also written for the Guthrie Theater’s production of “A Christmas Carol.” 

John’s music ranges from folk and Americana to country and semi-classical. His debut album of original music is entitled  “A Little Music On the Rocks.”  John also specializes in Irish ballads and sea chanties and has a Celtic release entitled “A Little Shamrock Music.” He is currently working on three albums - “D-drops from Heaven” a collection of guitar instrumentals, “ A Little Country Rocks” - an Americana/Country release and “Songs of the Lakes and Seas” - a collection of sea chanties and songs of the Great Lakes. 

 He's also writing for TV and film. One of his guitar instrumental singles,  - “In Memoriam - You Know How Much I Miss You” caught the ear of the president of Sound Dose Music Group, Los Angeles.


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