LA Music Conference with Catch the Moon Music and Cathy Heller

The two-day Access X music conference just wrapped this afternoon with Catch the Moon Music here in L.A. Participants heard from the president and vice-president of the company, as well as music supervisors from the synch world of film, Tv and ads. Outside of getting a great deal of useful information from the industry, there were one-on-one sessions with music supervisors who listens to our music. Casey Brown from Trailer Park especially liked on of my songs and he's interested in using it!  Catch the Moon is such a wonderful company with engaging and friendly staff as well, including Emily Sonneborn from Minnesota!  

Cathy Heller (l.), Pres. Catch the Moon Music Licensing and music supervisors from Ignition Creative, Robot Repair, Defend Music and 

Trailer Park.


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