Storyhill Concert A Special Treat

Last night I heard Storyhill celebrate 30 years of making music at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth, MN last night. I'd never heard them before, but was struck by their close harmonies, musicianship, songwriting and warm personalities. I was able to talk to both Chris and John afterwards. Chris wanted to hear my music and took a card.  John and I discussed his his beautiful sounding 37 year old Martin guitar he's been using since 1972. I spoke to friendly and dedicated fans on either side of me and learned a bit about the Storyhill fan base. "They're like family. Storyhill fans and warm and friendly."  And quiet! You could hear a pin drop during any given song.  But it is true. They huge former Catholic church was nearly filled to capacity, but nevertheless, an intimate atmosphere was still there, like a house concert. So glad I went!

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